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hike Mt Nabewari and Tonodake

James Hadfield

Where: Mt. Nabewari (鍋割山, 1,273m) & Mt. Tonodake (塔ノ岳, 1,491m)

Time: 6 hours (leisurely), 4 hours 45 mins (hardcore)

Route: Take the Odakyu Line express from Shinjuku to Shibusawa (approx 80 mins), then a bus to Okura (大倉, 15 mins). From there, cross the road and follow the signposts for Omotetanzawa Kenmin no Mori (表丹沢県民の森) and Mt. Nabewari (鍋割山). The trail is clearly marked for most of the way, though note that you’ll have to make a short detour at Kinhiyashi no Atama (金冷シノ頭) to reach the peak of Mt. Tonodake (塔ノ岳). After that, simply follow the signs back towards Okura.

Notes: The initial ascent is extremely gentle, but gets a bit tougher after reaching Futamata (二俣). There is a mountain station at the top of Mt. Nabewari that serves udon and cold beer, among other things. On a good day, you’ll get an impressive view of Mt. Fuji from here, and an even better one from the summit of Mt. Tonodake. If you’re out of luck, you’ll see nothing but cloud. The first half of the descent from Mt. Tonodake, with lots of steps and boulders, is a bit tough on the knees.

Pick up a copy of the Enjoy nature life! pamphlet at Shibusawa station for Japanese-language maps of this and other hikes. Source



Posted October 23, 2010 by japanexplorer

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